Mesta Park Rehab

While beautiful historic homes are not know for their spacious master baths or functional closets, they are known more for their stained hardwood floors, craftsmanship and charming fireplaces. This home had a sun filled sitting room off the master bedroom with such a fireplace! Since every project starts with a solid design plan that is where we began. We repurposed the sitting area into a master bath and the ajoining small bedroom into a full walk in closet. The owner requested a natural tinted plaster from the 1900's color palette. We restored the pewter fire place insert to its original glory placing a soaking tub next to it! The marble made for a stunning shower. The natural brass shower head and valves will continue to patenia over the life time of the home. Blending charm of the past and the conveniences of today is an art Randolph Design + Build has accomplished.


Bathroom Remodel OKC
Closet Remodel OKC

Project Highlights

Bathroom Remodel OKC


This was a upstairs sitting area w a fireplace but our client needed a master bath. We removed some walls and rebuilt to make a cool area with the fireplace as a central focus.The owner requested a natural 1900 colored plaster to finish off this beautiful fireplace. We restored and repurposed the natural polished pewter fire place insert. Natural marble was used here for a beautiful master shower w natural brass metals that will patina over time to give a real look of the 1900 era.