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Randolph Design + Build: The Art of Building

At Randolph Design + Build, 21st Century luxury is the ultimate in bespoke home design. This is the Randolph obsession and their art form. Offering impeccable customer service is the company tradition. When this family owned business sits down with a client, whether to create their dream home or renovate a home that they love, the process is driven by collaboration, artistry, craftsmanship and half a century of commitment to excellence. These collective values set the company apart in a distinctive way.

"Master builders have been around for 5,000 years", Gary says. "We see the house in our mind's eye long before it's built. Being a master builder means you take a project from design to completion. You don't hand a project off to someone else, so there's no room for misinterpretation of plans or the vision."

Transitional Custom Home

Sometimes clients become friends. When you work on a number of projects together you form great friendships. Randolph…

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Mesta Park Rehab

While beautiful historic homes are not know for their spacious master baths or functional closets, they are known more…

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The Seraphim Rises

Historic renovation. Modern design. In 2016 this family's historic home in Putnam Heights was devastated by fire and…

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Westchester Renovation

We love to get our hands on a ranch style house at Randolph Design + Build. While this house was long and rambling, it…

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Modern Farm House

The Hagoods had a few things in mind when they contacted Gary Randolph to design and build their 4,700-square-foot home.…

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Randolph Modern Design Build

Like many couples we found ourselves in 2008 living in an empty nest! We decided to size down and move into the urban…

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