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The Perfect Custom-Designed Outdoor Living Spaces

9 Jun 2020

Outdoor living areas not only enhance the beauty of your property but also allow you to spend some…

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Planning A Luxury Remodel In An Uncertain World

19 May 2020

With the coronavirus pandemic affecting the entire world, every aspect of our lives has been…

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Planning Your Luxury Kitchen Remodel In OKC

29 Apr 2020

When you buy a home, your expectations and style preferences may change over time. A kitchen is one…

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The Latest Home Renovation Trends

24 Mar 2020

Kitchens, as well as bathrooms, are the most used areas of the house. It's also why they are…

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2020 Color Trends of the Year

24 Feb 2020

Every New Year brings with it some unique home design and home improvement trends. Just as there are…

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Budget vs. What You Want

20 Jan 2020

Having complete control over a property's design process isn't always pleasing. Homeowners often…

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