Winter is Coming – You Must Prepare Your Home

As a resident of Oklahoma ice storms and snowstorms are a part and parcel of the winter season for you. But these can cause severe damage to life and property alike. The recent ice storms have caused 150+ injuries in the state alongside power outages. Almost 78,000 outages were reported state-wide by The Oklahoma Corporation Commission. You must prepare to protect yourself and your home from the harsh weather by looking for construction and remodeling services.

Here are few key points to make your home ‘winter ready’:

1. Insulation to keep warm : You must ensure that the temperature in your home does not go below 65 degrees. Temperatures lower than this will increase the chances of having frozen pipes that can burst and cause some serious damage. You can ask Custom Home Builders Okc to add attic insulation to your home. They will add a 12-inch-thick insulation to your attic and this can help you reduce your energy bills by almost 30%. The type of windows installed in your home determine the amount of draft and heat. For harsh winters, the best windows are the ones that are argon filled, low-E classified and have an insulated space.

2.  Fix Your roof: You must make sure your roof is not missing a single shingle. Otherwise your home’s vulnerability to ice and snow increases. If you see some loose shingles, you must immediately call for home remodel, Okc services and get it fixed.

3. Clean all the gutters: The gutter system is very important to drain the water away from your home. If there are any blockages the gutters will overflow causing ice to build around your home. If the ice does not find a proper drain when it melts, it will seep into your home. Hence, you must call service providers for house remodeling, Oklahoma City and get the gutters cleaned before winter sets in and make sure you get them cleaned regularly.

4. Bury your power lines: Power lines that are buried underground are protected from ice, wind and also damage caused by fallen trees. Exposed power lines very often get damaged when an ice storm hits and this causes power outages. We can help you with your home remodel, Okc plans by making your power lines go underground. One of our customers had a pleasant experience with this service of latest home renovation trends, and here’s what they had to say “We are the only ones on our block who have power today thanks to the fact that we buried our lines back in 2016/2017. Love you guys for making this happen. Thanks also, for the option of the blow in insulation. Kept the house comfortable! And we miss your smiling faces! Hope all is well with you and the rest of the family!”

5.  Find and seal all cracks or holes: Make sure your house remodeling, Nichols Hills provider checks for any cracks and holes in the foundation or sidings and mends those. This is necessary to ensure that water and snow do not seep into your basement and create a damp and musty environment which can then lead to growth of mold. You can ask the home remodel Okc company to protect the windows and skylights with weather stripping and the pipes with caulking.

If you want any advice on how to prepare your home for the winter or luxury kitchen remodel OKC services our experts at Randolph Design + Build are happy to help. Just pick up your phone and call us at 405-226-3560.