What Is Different About Building A Custom Home?

Are you looking to build your own custom home in Oklahoma? If you’re weighing up the differences between building a custom home and buying an already built property in OKC, you’ve come to the right place! Before finding custom home builders in OKC and signing on the dotted line, you should know exactly how building a custom home is different from buying an already built property to see if these differences benefit you. Here are a few key differences when it comes to building a custom home vs buying prebuilt.

Design Is Down To You
When it comes to custom home builds, the design is completely down to you. This means that working with your chosen custom home builders in OKC, you get to decide on the exact floor plan and layout of your home. When buying a prebuilt home you don’t have that luxury, as the house comes as is. Not only can you decide on the floor plan, but you can also decide on other things like materials and the whole look of the house. If there is a type of roofing material that you like you can have this, the same goes for everything in and on your home. You choose the style and type of windows, doors, units, everything is yours to choose and design as you see fit. With a prebuilt home, the only thing you have control of is the decorating inside, so you can paint the walls or add some funky wallpaper for example.

You’ll Need Planning Permission And Contractors
One big difference when it comes to building your own home is you will need the appropriate planning permission and the right workers for the job. You will need to find custom home builders in OKC that are qualified for the job at hand and most of the time these builders will sort out all the planning permission you need. When buying a prebuilt house, you don’t need to get planning permission or hire workers as your home has already gone through that stage. Planning permission and hiring a qualified crew can cost a bit of money, so it’s something to think about when it comes to the differences between the two home choices.

Custom Homes Are 100% Unique
As custom homes are designed by yourself, they are 100% unique to you. This is the biggest difference between buying a prebuilt home and a custom home. There won’t be another house anywhere in Oklahoma or even the world that is identical to yours. The problem with many prebuilt homes is that they are all built the same or very similar. If you’re bored of having all your homes look and feel the same, it might be worth building your own custom home, that way you can design something that's unique and never done before; things like changing the shape of your home from a regular rectangle shape with a triangular roof or putting your main entrance at the side of the property are just some of the ways you can design your house to be more unique.