Valuable Ways To Refresh Your Space When You’re Stuck Inside

If you are still working from home during the pandemic, looking at ways to refresh your space could be great for your mental health and motivation. Your house may have been set up to cater to a different set of needs, so rethinking how your property can best serve you is a significant step. Randolph Design + Build shares some valuable ways to refresh your home when you are stuck inside.

Consider Your Needs
If you don’t have a great workspace, putting together an office or distraction-free desk area might be your first priority. If you need relaxation, renovating your basement to use as a meditation room might be the best idea. If you want a place to get in shape, you could set up a gym. Or, if it’s entertainment that you’re lacking, try creating a movie room or entertainment center.

Focus on Wellness
In addition to considering a meditation room or gym, there are other ways you can bring wellness into your home. Purchasing high-quality air filters or air purifiers keeps clean air circulating throughout your house. Research indicates that diffusing essential oils may help lift your mood, relax you, and create a sense of peace. Organizing rooms and closets can clear your mind and help you find what you need without stress or confusion.

Concentrate on your porch or patio to ensure you have a comfortable place to get fresh air and sunlight. In addition, you can create a place to play outdoor games with the family or get some exercise. Look into building a DIY fire pit or setting up a badminton net.

Switch Up Your Design
Whether you never got around to completing the decor or you are just ready for a change, focusing on interior design can help you feel refreshed and inspired. In addition to setting up functional spaces, pay attention to what is aesthetically pleasing to you and what style best reflects your unique personality. Bringing in personal touches can help you feel comforted in a space that you cherish.

Of course, perhaps you want more than a decor change. If you’re looking to make significant updates through remodeling and redesign, you want a seasoned expert by your side. Randolph Design + Build offers both design and construction services so that you can achieve the aesthetic you desire, whether it’s farmhouse chic, craftsman style, ultra modern or anything else.  

Cover the Costs
The lengths to which you want to go determine what you can spend. For minor updates that can be handled DIY, you can easily pay as you go or save up. If you’re going big and need financing, the most obvious choice is a second mortgage or home equity line of credit (HELOC). These provide quick access to cash, allowing you to leverage your home to make improvements.

Bear in mind that as a subordinate mortgage, these liens should, ideally, be paid off by the time your house sells. By the subordinate definition, these loans come second to your home loan, which is typically the largest, and will be paid off with the proceeds of your home sale if you default. Ideally, however, you’ll pay off your secondary mortgage, and still make money thanks to your home updates.

Investing in your home is never a bad idea, especially when you are spending more time there than ever before. If you love tackling projects and have the time, doing it yourself can be fun and motivating. If you’d rather hire a professional and know everything is taken care of, reach out to a contractor or designer. You’ll be happy you took the time to make a change when you feel the peace and refreshing energy you get from your new surroundings.