Top Features To Look For In An Accessible Home


When you are looking for an accessible home, a few key aspects make the most sense. Affordability, location, and safety-focused amenities are all crucial. These pieces of your home purchasing puzzle can make or break how livable the new place will be. Here are some things to look for as you launch into house hunting.


Home values vary considerably depending on where you live. Before beginning your home search, take a look at your budget, and make sure that you can afford what you need in the area you want to be.

If you do not have a large sum to put down or have a limited income, it may be tougher to obtain a conventional mortgage. However, if you qualify for a VA loan – if you are veteran – you may be able to reduce your chances of having to pay private mortgage insurance without putting 20 percent down. What’s more, the interest rate is often lower on these mortgages than other loans. If you’re not a veteran, you may be eligible for an FHA loan which requires a low down payment.


Look for potential issues throughout the house, such as poor lighting, loose carpet, inconvenient electrical access, and rooms that are too small to reasonably fit your furniture. Most experts suggest that a ranch-style home is best, as these already offer one-level living. Having a ranch-style home also means you won’t need to invest in a stairlift just to go to bed each night.


Even if you stick with a single floor, there is a good chance that your new home might need some modifications. This is another area where having a smaller property is more affordable. There are many home conversions that aren’t overly expensive but boost accessibility, like non-slip flooring and adding open shelves in the kitchen. If the property you select isn’t perfect, make a checklist of items you need changed, price them out, and then decide if it’s worth the added expense or if you should keep looking.

Choosing to Build

Finding the perfect accessible home takes a lot of patience. The same holds true if you opt for an almost-suitable home that requires renovations. In some cases, the very best choice is to build from scratch. Building from the ground up gives you numerous advantages in customizing your home to fit your specific needs, both functionally and aesthetically. And when you compare the cost of buying a home and adding renovations, you could easily pay the same amount for a new build. And if you choose to work with a firm like Randolph Design + Build, you not only get a beautiful home designed with your wants and needs, but you also end up with a work of art! If you find you're hitting a dead end in your home search, or decide new is better, reach out to Randolph Design + Build for your perfect modern accessible home.

Talk to your real estate agency about what you want in a home, and let them know what you need for the property to work for you. Having this conversation ensures the best chance of your success, allowing your agent to help you from the get-go. But keep in mind that a custom build could end up being the better option, and your agent can work to find you the best piece of land. With the right information and people on your team, you’ll be settling into the accessible home of your dreams in no time.

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By Patrick Young -