Planning A Luxury Remodel In An Uncertain World

With the coronavirus pandemic affecting the entire world, every aspect of our lives has been impacted in one way or the other. And the home renovation market is no different. Everyone is concerned about exactly how bad this particular downturn might get. It's why homeowners are incredibly nervous about making any big plans, expenditures, and investments they don't need to make.

But if you had been planning a remodel for some time and the pandemic changed all that, or if you feel that you need to get your home remodeling plans into gear, there are some ways to plan an OKC luxury remodel in the uncertain world that we live in.

As an experienced Contractor for Remodeling in Oklahoma, we at Randolph Design + Build have seen and experienced all the ups and downs that happen in the home improvement space due to many variables. Here are some tips from our experts to plan your home remodel in these uncertain times.

Some Tips to Plan House Remodeling in Nichols Hills

  • Work with an experienced construction and remodeling contractor in OKC - First and foremost, you need to work with a contractor that would be able to understand the current situation and help you make adjustments and changes to your plans without affecting functionality or luxury.
  • We know that when people have custom homes, they also have definite plans for the interior design or changes, they might want to make in them. We are innovative in our approach and offer creative solutions that meet our clients' needs. We understand that in these uncertain times, there will be some change in priorities.
  • But we also strongly believe that it’s possible to embark on a home remodel project with some basic ideas and suggestions on how to go about the project. We offer start-to-end home renovation design planning and installation services.
  • Make some changes to your budget - Even if you have allocated a significant budget for your new construction and remodeling project, revisit the budget and determine which features you can keep on hold or do away with altogether, for the moment. Pull in your budget and conserve in areas where there will be no significant impact. Our team is here to ensure that you still get the best home remodeling solutions with no compromise on quality.
  • Build Or Renovate with Scaling In View - Even if you plan something new in line with the latest home renovation trends, make sure that you opt for features and installations that will be scalable. It means that you can make some additions and renovations now in a way that you can add to them easily in the future.  This kind of planning is something we can help with.

No matter what type of remodeling in Oklahoma City you need, its best to work with experienced professionals like us. We can help with material selection and guide your choices.

We work with all social distancing norms in view, for the safety of our clients and employees. For more information, call Randolph Design + Build at 405.226.3560