New Building Trends for 2021


With each new year comes new construction and remodeling trends. If you’re currently looking to renovate your home, then you’ll want to keep up to date with these trends if you want your house to stay looking current. From minimalist to luxury, we are a luxury remodeling and home building company in Oklahoma. Before you get started, here are some of the latest home renovation trends you should know about!

Open plan space

After the problematic year we had in 2020, the last thing we want is our house to feel like a prison - that’s why open plan homes are becoming so popular. The minimalist design will open up your home, giving you and your family meters of new space to enjoy. Pair your open plan design with some high ceilings and windows for extra natural lighting. You can find construction and remodel-ing services in Oklahoma that also offer the option to insert beams for more of an industrial look if you’re not keen on a minimalistic style.

Home gyms are in

If you’re looking for ideas on what to do with your spare room or garage, a home gym has be-come quite a popular home renovation trend lately. Due to the closures of gyms and leisure cen-ters last year, people have begun adapting their houses to meet their needs. Surprisingly, you don’t need a lot of space to have your own home gym, you can use foldable machinery and utilize storage furniture to save on space. If you still want your home gym to fit your design aesthetic, add in some bookcases or shelves that match your style - this way you can store your weights and still keep your home trendy.

Bring back outdoor spaces

Oklahoma is known for its pleasant weather, so it’s no surprise that outdoor spaces are making their way back into our remodeling plans. The latest home renovation trend specifically for out-door spaces is to create a smooth transition between your indoor and outdoor spaces. Using bi-folding or sliding doors, you could have your living room or bedroom open straight out onto a pa-tio, terrace, or garden. If you are already looking into construction and remodeling in Oklahoma for your gardens, pools, backyard kitchens, and fire pits have all become big-hitting additions for this year.

Utilize your kitchen

Kitchens have taken over living rooms as the new showplace of the home and are increasing in size each year. If you host casual entertainment at your house, you’ll know that the kitchen tends to be the hub of all parties. This makes islands and extra seating within the kitchen now an ‘in’ trend. The latest home renovation trends for kitchens are to open up space using smart storage and concealed appliances. Not only do these declutter your kitchen for maximum living space, but it also helps to make other design pieces pop - think of adding statement tiling or bold col-ored faucets and handles.