The most popular luxury remodeling projects of 2020

As a homeowner, the quest to make home more comfortable, luxurious and functional never ends. You will always have something that needs to be improved, replaced or repaired. If you want to give your home a luxurious makeover you might consider the latest house remodeling trends. Homeowners these days are not just repairing their broken faucets or door knobs, they are upgrading the homes for better aesthetics and more luxury.

If you look at luxury, custom homes in okc, you will observe the below trends:

Use of technology that gels with the home: The use of technology has become very advanced these days. Builders create custom homes, where the kitchen appliances blend into the settings. Having smart lighting and smart voice recognition systems are so common these days. Technology can also upgrade your home for better security.

Home wellness: Latest home renovation trends amongst millennials are focused on home wellness. They are focusing on using non-toxic materials and getting latest air purifiers and water purification systems installed. There is also a growing demand of circadian lighting which helps improve sleep.

Unique structures: People want unique designs such as rounded archways that can leave their guests in awe. With the use of new technology and better materials in construction, unique architectural designs have become more common than before.

Luxurious outdoor living: Outdoor spaces are gaining as much attention as the indoors now. Homeowners are going for extravagant swimming pools, classy backyards, adding artificial turf to their landscape or investing in fountains and ponds. An outdoor space which is chic and state of the art has dominated the remodeling trends in 2020.

New window designs: Glass windows that give a full view of the outdoors are increasingly becoming a choice of the homeowners. They bring one close to the nature as opposed to the traditional windows. Installation of these windows is also a relatively easier project and hence common among home remodeling trends okc.

Stunning basements: Turning basements into a luxurious home theatre is perfect for family get togethers or entertaining your guests. You can install theatre chairs that are elevated and spaced well. An audio-visual vendor can help you install projector and speakers for the perfect experience. You can take your home remodeling okc to the next level by creating a bar next to the theatre and having chairs with leather covers.

These are just some ideas that highlight luxury home remodeling trends in Oklahoma. For advice on your construction and remodeling project call Randolph Design + Build at 405-226-3560.