Luxury Remodeling And How To Plan

Who doesn't dream of living in comfort and luxury? At Randolph Design + Build, we can help create your dream home with innovative design and high-quality materials. We specialize in kitchen remodeling, design construction, and luxury remodeling. Our team has vast experience and will offer honest advice on all aspects of the project.
How to Plan for Your Luxury Home Remodel in OKC?

Remodeling your home can be a complex undertaking but don’t worry we can guide you through every step. Homeowners and designers need to invest time into the project to ensure everything turns out well. Planning and communication are essential in managing expectations. Here’s a look at how to plan:

1. Set a Budget

You need to set a budget for your luxury home or remodel, regardless of the size and style. A budget ensures you can keep track of expenses and will help you prioritize what your dream home could be.
We work with the most skilled people in our industry, including renowned architects and craftsmen.

2. Hire the right builder for Remodeling in Oklahoma

Finding the right home builder can be a challenge, especially for luxury projects. Many contractors don't have the experience or connections needed to find the best products and don’t understand the complexities of top quality construction. We have developed knowledge and experience in our industry and have built long-standing relationships with our customers in addition to building dream spaces. We know how to design a beautiful space without making it too cluttered or ostentatious.

3. Collect Inspirational Pictures

We will do our very best to understand your vision, it is a good idea to provide more than written words or rough sketches. Look through different design magazines and do some research online. Collect pictures, sketches, and themes that inspire you. You can also start collecting Ideabooks on or Pin to your Pinterest any style that inspires you & your future space. We will have a great conversation about your vision.

We will provide a 3D rendering of the design after the consultation. You can get a realistic idea of what to expect from the render.

5. Pick Appliances and Fixtures

Appliances can be a major part of any luxury space. You will work with our designers to find the right appliances and fixtures for the project. We will touch on every detail as even the smallest elements can make all the difference.

If you want to know more about luxury home remodeling in OKC , don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Randolph Design + Build. You can call us directly at (405) 226-3560.