Luxury Outdoor Building Options For Your Custom Home in Oklahoma


No matter how much you work on your home, there will always be improvements and things you want to change. But why not take a break from the inside of your house, and take a look through the window at the space outside? You can’t have a luxury custom house without making your yard and outdoor space just as luxurious! Luxury home trends in Oklahoma don’t just stop inside your house - in fact, there are lots of lavish outdoor building options to spruce up your outdoor areas. Here are 5 outdoor building options you can easily add to your home with a little construction and remodeling in OKC!

Garden Office
Home offices are on the rise since the pandemic, but not many people are lucky enough to have a garden office. One of the rarest luxury home trends in Oklahoma, a garden office is a tranquil and beautiful alternative to a home office. With floor to ceiling windows, you can gaze out at the beautiful flowers and nature around you while you work away. Better yet, get even more fancy with your construction and remodeling OKC needs and pop in some skylights for some stunning natural lighting and to stare gaze in the dark winter months.

Home Gym
Another luxury home trend in Oklahoma that has boomed over the last few years are home gyms. Most can’t afford to create a proper space suitable for a gym room in their home, and so having an outdoor building in your yard dedicated to your workouts will make your home stand out from the crowd! With a complete space to put all your gym equipment and enough room for you to comfortably work out, you won’t need to clutter your home with weights and yoga mats. For an added bonus, in the summer months you can open up your gym doors for some extra breeze or even take your workout outside easily.

Luxury Spa
What if you didn’t have to book a spa day, but instead you could stroll down to your own home spa whenever you wanted! With a little construction and remodeling help in OKC, you can have your own luxury spa on your property. While some people have whirlpool tubs in their bathrooms and others have jacuzzis in their gardens, you can have both and more! Build a sauna and steam room in your outbuilding, and for an added touch of class, connect an outdoor jacuzzi to sit in and relax during the summer evenings or the chilly winter nights!

Guest Annex
Hosting guests can be a great experience, but to keep your guests happy and boasting about their stay, a private guest annex is the only option! Guest rooms are outdated and can lead to feeling quite cramped and uncomfortable in your own home. Take the pressure out of hosting guests and give them a little freedom by creating a luxury guest annex on your property. Essentially a tiny studio apartment, your guests will have everything they need to feel at home, while still being close enough to enjoy your company!