Luxury Bathroom Ideas (Luxury Bathroom Remodel Trends)

The bathroom is often the most under-rated and under-appreciated part of a house. You can  spend as much as you want on construction and remodeling your house, but if your bathrooms  do not stand out, your house will feel incomplete. Having a luxury bathroom is a major part of  any home remodeling project, and in this article, we are going to tell you about three luxury  bathroom remodel trends that are going to reign supreme in 2021. Keep on reading to find out  about these luxury bathroom ideas.
1. Is black the new grey? – Last year, there was one color that ruled above all else when  it came to luxury bathrooms, grey. But that was last year. This year the new trend is  black. It is a move towards a darker and bolder style. It helps your luxury bathroom make  a loud statement. While gray might be a more understated color, if you want your  bathroom to make an immediate impression, then black is the color for it. We are going  to see an increase in black bathrooms, especially when it comes to accessorizing.  Blacklight fixtures with a contrasting backdrop make for an appealing look. Similarly,  black tones around the mirror and vanities are also something that we are going to see a  lot this year—if you want your bathroom to feel and look modern, bold, and beautiful,  then making the brave choice of going with black just might be the right move.  

2. Vintage, Brass, and Gold – The beauty of vintage styling are that it is evergreen. Brass  and gold bathrooms have been around for as long as we can remember, but this classic  combination is turning out to be timeless as it is making a resurgence. You don’t have to  imagine a worn-out and beaten bathroom when thinking of brass and gold. Think  beautiful gold plumbing fixtures with a feel of irrefutable luxury. If you want something  different than the frankly grossly common chrome fixtures, then opting for this style is a  great choice.
3. The industrial look – Fair warning this style is polarizing. Some people love it, and  some people can't stand the sight of it. Whichever boat you might find yourself on, one  thing is undeniable. This makes your bathroom stand out. It is something different.  Industrial styled sinks and fixtures are a new trend that has been on the rise for quite  some time, and we just might see its crescendo in 2021.  

So, there you have it. Three luxury bathroom trends will give your bathroom a new and fresh  look. If you are looking for someone to help you with your luxury bathroom remodeling or any  sort of house remodeling, then make sure to check out Randolph Design and Build. They offer  construction and remodeling OKC, Home Remodeling OKC, and Luxury Bathroom OKC. It is a  family-run operation that has an eye for detail. Best of luck!