How To Create an Ideal Home Office for Safe Customer Interactions


One thing that the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has taught us is how to safely interact with other people and reduce the risk of spreading any communicable disease. Many businesses moved to virtual operations, and entrepreneurs preparing to launch startups had no choice but to join them. Even though many businesses have returned to business as usual, it is important for entrepreneurs who work from home to create an office that is safe and suitable for both virtual and in-person meetings with clients. Use these tips to create the ideal home office, presented below by Randolph Design & Build.

Install a High Quality HVAC System

If you plan to hold meetings in person, it's a good idea to install an HVAC system that uses UV light to eliminate pathogens. Cleaner air means you have a reduced risk of sharing any type of airborne disease.

Open Office Windows

Increased ventilation minimizes the risk of sharing diseases with other people in z confined space. Keeping your office windows open on nice days is a great way to get fresh air and improve the circulation in your workspace.

Ask In-Person Clients To Wear Masks

Wearing a mask is not a fool-proof way to avoid an airborne disease. However, one study suggests that wearing a mask can reduce disease spread by as much as 65%. If you and your client are both wearing masks during your meeting, you can drastically lower your risk of contracting an airborne disease. Remember that the type of mask you wear matters.

Use Technology To Reduce Opportunities for Contact

There are many technologies available that can minimize close contact between you and your clients. Virtual meetings are the best way to prevent disease transmission, and various video call platforms make it possible for you to hold meetings from anywhere. If virtual meetings are not an option, consider investing in an automated invoice processing system. This type of technology allows you to get paid without needing to manually accept cash or a credit card. It's easy to create invoices that meet your company's needs. You can find a free invoice template online that is incredibly easy to use. Pick one and customize it by adding your business logo. You can change up the color scheme or include your company slogan on the invoice to make it match your brand.

Sanitize Often

Sanitize your home office before and after meeting with clients in person. Even if you don't feel sick and have no reason to suspect that you have been exposed to any type of disease, it’s best to clean and sanitize any surface your clients may touch. If you work out of a designated office in your house, you may be able to limit your sanitization efforts to this one space. You probably need to sanitize more of your home if your clients walk through it to get to your office. Alternatively, you can consider remodeling your house to give your office a private entrance.

Choose the Right Lighting

The lighting in your office impacts the quality of video calls, so if you plan to meet with clients virtually, it's important to pay attention to your decor and lighting. Stage the room with attractive paint color and decorative accents to give clients the sense that the space is tied together. You should also invest in bright lighting to enhance the quality of your picture on the computer screen.

Whether you meet with clients in person or remotely, you need a home office that is conducive to business. These tips can help you design a home office that is both safe and functional.