The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Home Office Design and Organization


If you’re working to get your home-based business off the ground, you may catch yourself daydreaming about having a workspace of your own. Perhaps you’ve been spending your days with your laptop set up on the kitchen table, or maybe you often find yourself working from your bed or living room couch.

If you want to be a successful home-based business owner, you’ll need your own home office, and putting this space together is not only fun, it can help you be more successful in your endeavors. Randolph Design + Build wants to help you prosper, so read on for tips to help you establish the right space for your office and set up all of the tools you’ll need to effectively run your home-based business.

Building a Brand New Space

Perhaps you’re perfectly happy in your current home and have no interest in moving, but you’ve realized that you still don’t have enough space inside to design a home office. In that case, it might be time to expand your square footage or make better use of your basement or garage.

Do a little brainstorming on where you can carve out space. If you live in a home with a backyard, you may be able to install a simple shed for your office. If you’ve spent years telling yourself that someday, you would get around to finishing your basement, now might finally be the time to tackle this big project. Or you can simply expand your square footage to accommodate your home office. Randolph Design + Build can help you determine what options you have and how to move forward in a way that will help you achieve your goals.

Home Buying for Your Business

Have you come to the conclusion that your home is simply too small to house personal office space so you can work from home? If so, it may be time to consider moving somewhere new. Not only might it be the answer you’re seeking, Sapling explains you can sometimes use your business funds to purchase the property—particularly if you’re paying rent to the LLC you own.

If you’re currently functioning under another business structure, you can set up an Oklahoma LLC simply enough; it’s just a five step process if you go through an online service. This allows you to sidestep hefty attorney fees or wading through red tape, and in the end you’ll have a structure that’s scalable, offers unique tax benefits, and protects your personal assets.

Securing Your Workspace

The last thing you want is your home and business to be stolen or damaged, especially if you store important documents, equipment or other valuables onsite. A smart home security system can provide you with peace of mind knowing your personal and professional interests are protected. Similarly, don’t forget about data. Kaspersky explains small businesses not only should worry about their industry secrets—they are responsible for any information they gather from their customers, so implement best practices like a password management system and firewall protection.

Find Some Funding

With renovations and other expenses, you might find your business budget stretched thin. Thankfully, there are several options these days that can help, like SBA Express Bridge Loans, traditional SBA loans, or the Main Street Business Lending Program. If you don’t qualify for these loans, you can also check out private organizations that offer grants and loans to small business owners.

As an entrepreneur, having a private space where you can work from home and build your business is a valuable asset. When you have a home office, you have a sanctuary where you can focus on your projects and be at your most productive. Just organize your priorities and partner with a pro like Randolph Design + Build to help make your dreams a reality.

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Patrick Young