Custom Building Trends To Maximize Your Climate Control Efficiency

If you’re thinking of building your own custom home here in Oklahoma, you might want to think about optimizing it so that it’s energy-efficient when it comes to climate control. Adding a few tweaks and changes to your design is an easy way of helping the environment AND saving you money in the long run! There are plenty of construction and remodeling OKC tips for both those looking at renovating their old home to be more efficient or those constructing a brand new home. Here are some custom building and remodeling trends in Oklahoma you should think about if you want to maximize your climate control efficiency!

Horizontal/Cross Ventilation
Moving or adding windows to your home to create a natural airflow is called horizontal or cross ventilation, and it’s a great way of cooling your home in the summer without upping your AC bill. To make the most of this trend, your construction and remodeling company in OKC should be able to note which sides of your house have the best winds, and then windows can be placed there. You want to make sure that your windows are placed opposite each other so that a natural fresh breeze is replicated to cool inside your home.

Super-Seal Your Home
To have efficient climate control in your newly built or remodeled home, you want to make sure your house is properly sealed in all areas. This means insulating your walls and roof, choosing the correct roofing materials for the Oklahoma weather, forming an efficient seal on the doors and windows, and adding double glazing if appropriate. Unwanted heat and/or cold can easily enter homes through windows, walls, and roofs. By super-sealing your home you are making it harder for unwanted heat or cold to get into your home, as well as making it harder for wanted heat and cold inside your house to escape outwards.

Passive Solar Design
If you are building your own custom design home, ask your construction and remodeling company to give you a passive solar design. This is where your house is built in the optimal direction for climate control. Windows, skylights, glass walls, and other forms of natural light sources will then be added and positioned in the best locations within your house to further optimize climate control efficiency. This usually means that houses are built so that the sides of the home are facing the east and west, and then windows and such will be added to the north and south of the house to allow for as much natural light and warmth as possible.
Invest In A Smart Thermostat
A simple and minimal remodeling trend for OKC homes is to install a smart thermostat. These are super straightforward for any construction and remodeling company in OKC to add to both old and new build homes. A smart thermostat is installed and connected to your central heating system, and can then monitor your climate control usage to give you automated times for when to switch on your heating. You can control your heating from your phone with a smart thermostat and can turn your heating on and off even if you’re not actually near your house, too.