Cabinet Trends & Styles 2021

Each time you decide to revamp or redecorate your home, there is always the FOMO factor (fear of missing out) where you are worried about missing out on the latest designing trends. In case you are wondering how you can liven up your kitchen and bathroom cabinets then let's take a look at the latest 2021 trends by custom home builders in okc.

You Can't Go Wrong With Black
If you are bold enough to opt for black when planning your construction and remodeling in okc then this is the year to do it. Apart from it being the easiest possible color to clean and maintain, black cabinets make your space pop. Team it up with attractive light fixtures, mirrors and matt finished knobs, and voila, you have cabinets that you will spend hours admiring.

Brass And Gold
Shades of gold and brass highlight your sink and faucet. You can also choose to border your cabinet with this color as long as the base color is dark. You can either choose to go for a shiny chrome finish or even a distressed look for the border.

Get Creative With Tile Patterns And Shapes
2021 is the year to explore different tile patterns and shapes that you can use on your kitchen walls and remodeling in okc has caught up with the latest trends. You can also try out these different shapes for your flooring to ensure they blend perfectly with the cabinets and look smart.

Wooden Accents
For your cabinets to stand out, you can have small wooden accents around them. These accents don't necessarily need to be the same color as the cabinet. They can contrast each other or be similar to the tile or fixture colors. You can also add small succulents or cute decor items in these accents to make your space stand out.

Add A Pop Of Color To The Space
If you are going in for something bold like black or gold for your luxury custom homes in okc, you can add a bright pink item that could lighten up the entire space. This could be anything from a window to curtains or even a doormat. This will add a splash of color to the space and also tie everything together.

Handles & Knobs
When designing your luxury kitchen remodel in okc, ensure you have sufficient space for storage. The handles and knobs on these cabinets do add a lot of character to the space so take your time to explore differently shaped handles and knobs.

Take your time to look at remodeling trends in oklahoma and decide what kind of cabinets you want. You can then start working around that idea to unleash your creativity. Don't limit yourself and look to create new trends that will set the benchmark for bathroom and kitchen styling in 2021.